5 ways to show love to your dog.

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Here is how you to say “I love you” in whoof whoof language.

You absolutely love your dog, and you’re not afraid to show it. But all the toys, comfy beds, treats you give , and fancy collars you bought  can’t let your pet know just how special they are to you.

In this article , we’ll show  you 5 ways to tell your dog you love them in language they’re sure to understand

1. Put down your phone when you walk into the house.

Your dog needs some face-to-face contact with you when you come home.

This is because they don’t know what a cell phone is. But they do know they don’t want to compete with it.

That’s why the first way to tell your dog that you love them is to give them your full attention when you walk in the door.

Usually when we are with our dogs, we are staring –phubbing- at our phone at the same time. Whether you’re on a walk around the block or snuggling on the couch, it’s better to give all of your attention to your pet.

2. pat their ears

Dog experts say that the dog’s ears has one of three nerve centers in their bodies. When you rub or pat a dog behind the ears, a sense of pleasure goes through their entire body and its relaxing for your dog. Just like when you rub their belly – another part of your dog that has extremely sensitive nerve endings too.

That’s why when you pat the ears of your dog or pat  their belly, they close their eyes and drift off into doggie heaven.

3. Make eye contact

According to researchers, you should make eye contact with your dog when you are cuddling with them.

Studies have shown that making eye contact while cuddling with your dog releases a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone for dogs ,its makes a bonds between you and  your dog like a mother and baby.

So the next time you and your dog are snuggling – look them right in the eye and say I love you.

4. make their favorite food.

Feeding and love match perfectly when it comes to showing your dog that you love them. So it should be no surprise that if you make a special dish for your dog once or twice a week, they will love you for it. And this doesn’t mean feeding them your table scraps or non-freshed food , which can eventually harm your dog’s health.

Or over feeding, which can also make them overweight and not capable of walk.

Making a meal for your best friend is also a great way to tell them that you love them too. 

5. Raise your eyebrows when you talk to your dog.

This one that comes from Japanese behavioral scientists.

They saids in their research that when your dog raises their eyebrows and sticks out their tongue, that’s mean they are relaxed and happy.

Scientific studies also have shown that dogs can differentiate between human emotions from facial expressions. You can try to hide your feelings from your dog, but they can read your emotions from what’s written on your face no matter how you fake it.

So say hello to your dog at the door with raised eyebrows and a relaxed smile shows your canine how happy you are to see them.

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