10 Tips To make your dog much happier

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dogs are animals which do not need a lot to make them happy with the affection oft heir humans a comfy place to sleep exercise food and water they can have a fulfilling life however some dogs may still be unhappy and we need to address certain specifics provide them with the life they deserve …in this article we provide these 10 essential ways to make your dog happier

1 – Feed Them Correctly

proper nutrition is the basis for enjoying good health and one of the keys to happiness … dogs love to eat so we must offer them a food that covers all the nutritional needs and is appetizing at the same time there are several options available when feeding our dogs which we must assess on an individual basis the two main options are nutritionally complete homemade diet or a high quality commercial feed recommended by our vet … but what makes one feed better than another ? regardless of the price of a product it’s essential we look at the type of ingredients included whether or not they have additives or preservatives if the ingredients come from a high quality animal origin and the production process involved this is one of the reasons we need to consult our veterinarian as this information is not always easy to discern from the packaging you may need some better background information also remember that each individual requires a specific range of nutrition to cover their particular needs in terms of age health and circumstance let’s not forget it also needs to be something they find appetizer

2- Play With Them

games are live for so many ways to make our dogs happier strengthens our bond together and a strong bond is something dogs crave … don’t hesitate to buy various toys Kong is usually among their favorites but intelligence toys and games will also allow you to keep their brain active.

3-keep your dog active

walking for 20 minutes is not enough for our dogs to be happy and properly stimulated they need consistent outings and activity it is highly recommended animals run to release accumulated energy sniff their environment detect new stimuli and interact with other dogs and people .

4-Positive Education

training is another way to keep your dog entertained and stimulated but it also must always be positive punishments and scolding produce fear and stress as well as harm your bond they can also be the origin of behavioral problems such as aggression or destruction for this reason experts recommend reinforcing good behavior with words of encouragement caresses games and treats to motivate the animal to do well and understand our intentions .

5-Do not neglect their hygiene

brushing bathing nail trimming expressing inner glands and cleaning ears eyes and teeth are the basic care dogs need to be happy and healthy a full inner gland produces discomfort and can become infected nails which are too long can be painful excessive tartar causes mouth problems follow a regular hygiene routine

6-Learn to understand Their Languages

understanding the dog’s form of expression is essential to better communicate with their dogs and understand their daily needs learn about what their posture says about demeanor signs of calmness or the meaning of their vocalizations you may be surprised how many things your dog tries to communicate on a daily basis

7-Provide Comfort Security and confidence

to be happy a dog needs to feel safe in their home trust their human companion and enjoy a comfortable place to sleep for us rest is very important that it is no less so for our dog so ensure they have comfort and security when they need

8-Pay attention to their health

it this means we need to make regular trips to the veterinarian to perform routine examinations administer vaccinations and de-worm the animal flea sticks and internal parasites can cause serious damage to the health of our dog so it’s our responsibility to prevent this from happening at the health of our dog and for our own selves

9-Dedicate More Time

it’s not advisable for dogs to spend more than eight hours at a time alone if you want your pet to be as happy as possible pay more attention play with them go for walks or enjoy quiet movements together your company is everything to adult

10-Offer All Your Love

dogs are especially suitable and affection animals capable of creating a strong and lasting bond with their Guardians therefore if you give all your love to your dog you will have at your side a faithful companion who will never abandon you put into practice all our advice and you will have the happiest dog in the world

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