10 scientific Tips to know your dog really loves you so much

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Dog cognitive science has come a long way over the past two decades. Wagging tails, persuasive looks and the shape of ears yield all kinds of information about a dog’s intentions and emotional state.

The way dogs develop human-like behavior has been the subject of many scientific studies.

Research has shown that dogs have the same brain structures that produce emotions in humans, and there are several ways in which dogs demonstrate their love and affection.

So let’s look at 10 proven ways that dogs show their love.

1- Your dog yawns with you

if a dog yawns when you do – it’s actually a form of social bonding.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have shown that, just like humans, dogs yawn contagiously, but they’re more sensitive to the yawns of their owners than those who they don’t know.

Since contagious yawning in humans is linked to empathy, some scientists believe this might be the case with canines too.

2- Your dog gazes into your eyes when you look at them

Dogs can’t talk with humans in a verbal fashion so they use many non-verbal ways of communicating.

One of the ways in which dogs show their love is gazing directly into your eyes.

According to a research published in the journal of Science, dogs develop strong emotional bonds with humans by staring into our eyes.

This non-verbal way of communication increases level of social hormone called oxytocin in both dogs and their owners.

3- Your dog raises their eyebrows

When dogs  stick out their tongue at the same time as they raise their eyebrows, they are trying hard to mimic your facial expressions in the best way they can.

They won’t do this with other dogs. But they will with you.

According to a research published in Scientific Reports journal, dogs produce significantly more facial movements when humans are paying attention to them than when they are being ignored.

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